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Each year, more complaints of workplace misconduct are filed. These complaints involve discrimination, harassment, retaliation and whistleblowing. When it comes to workplace misconduct, an ounce of prevention goes a long way.

Employers can avoid liability under state and federal law if they (1) create and implement appropriate policies and procedures that fully comply with the law; (2) conduct internal training sessions on proper workplace conduct; (3) promptly and thoroughly investigate any complaints; and (4) take appropriate remedial action.

Claire Cordon offers informative and entertaining in-house training programs that provide protections by informing employers and employees of their rights and obligations. In these sessions, she focuses on how to proactively forestall complaints of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and whistleblowing.

Examples of such training efforts include:

Because of her knowledge and skill in this area, Claire Cordon was asked to develop training programs for EEOC lawyers and their investigators. As a result, she knows exactly what the EEOC will look for when it investigates a claim – and can share this valuable knowledge with her audiences.

Claire Cordon also speaks on employment law topics to professional associations and has made more than 100 presentations throughout the Pacific Northwest to organizations representing business, industry, legal and union interests.

In addition to training employers and employees in the avoidance of employment discrimination, harassment, retaliation and whistleblower complaints, Claire Cordon conducts independent investigations of such complaints. She advises employers on the adoption of protective policies and procedures. She is also an expert witness and a recognized mediator in employment litigation matters.

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Claire Cordon is rated AV® Preeminent™ by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell.

She has more than 25 years' experience dealing with complaints of workplace misconduct.

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