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Expert Witness Services

An expert witness is a person with specialized knowledge of a particular subject – like complaints alleging discrimination, harassment, retaliation and whistleblowing. When a claim is filed and a case proceeds to arbitration or trial, an expert witness can be retained by either party to help the arbitrator, judge or jury reach an informed decision.

Claire Cordon is regularly retained – by either defense or plaintiff's counsel – as an expert witness in employment cases. Her areas of expertise include assessing whether an employer took adequate remedial action in response to a complaint involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation or whistleblowing.

Examples of expert witness testimony include:

The credentials of an expert witness in a workplace misconduct case can be challenged, and the trial judge can examine the expert’s background to either qualify or disqualify him or her as a witness. Claire Cordon’s qualifications — as an expert witness who is also an AV® Preeminent™ rated labor and employment lawyer — are stellar.

Claire Cordon presents her expert opinion regarding often-complex employment law matters in language that is easily understood by experts and non-experts alike. Because of her well-rounded experience representing both employers and claimants in claims involving discrimination and workplace misconduct, her knowledge is not only specialized – but objective.

In addition to serving as an expert witness in discrimination and workplace misconduct cases, Claire Cordon conducts independent investigations of such complaints. She also advises employers on the adoption of protective policies and procedures. She is a skillful professional trainer who proactively educates managers and employees regarding their obligations and rights under workplace law. She is a respected mediator and expert witness' with experience in the resolution of cases involving discrimination and workplace misconduct.

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Claire Cordon is rated AV® Preeminent™ by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell.

She has more than 25 years' experience dealing with complaints of workplace misconduct.

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